Mafalda Cavalheiro

Research Topics

  • Mechanisms of antifungal drug resistance in Candida glabrata
  • Mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions
  • Transcriptomics

Selected Publications

Papers in International Journals

Cavalheiro, M., Pais, P., Galocha, M., Teixeira, M.C., “Host-pathogen interactions mediated by MDR transporters in fungi: as pleiotropic as it gets!”, Genes, 9:332, 2018.

Cavalheiro, M., Teixeira, M.C., “Candida biofilms: threats, challenges and promising strategies", Frontiers in Medicine, 5:28, 2018.

Romão, D.*, Cavalheiro, M.*, Mil-Homens, D., Santos, R., Pais, P., Costa, C., Takahashi-Nakaguchi, A., Fialho, A.M., Hiroji Chibana, H.**, Teixeira, M.C.**, “A new determinant of Candida glabrata virulence: the acetate exporter CgDtr1", Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 7: 473, 2017.

Pais, P., Costa, C., Cavalheiro, M., Romão, D., Teixeira, M.C., “Transcriptional control of drug resistance, virulence and immune system evasion in pathogenic fungi: a cross-species comparison", Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, 6: 131, 2016.

Costa, C., Ribeiro, J., Miranda, I.M., Silva-Dias, A.I., Cavalheiro, M., Costa-de-Oliveira, S., Rodrigues, A.G., Teixeira, M.C., “Clotrimazole drug resistance in Candida glabrata clinical isolates correlates with increased expression of the drug:H+ antiporters CgAqr1, CgTpo1_1, CgTpo3 and CgQdr2", Frontiers in Microbiology, 7:256, 2016.

Costa, C., Ponte, A., Pais, P., Santos, R., Cavalheiro, M., Takashi, Y., Chibana, H., Teixeira, M.C., “New mechanisms of flucytosine resistance in C. glabrata unveiled by a chemogenomics analysis in S. cerevisiae", PLoS ONE, 10(8):e0135110, 2015.

Book chapters

Cavalheiro M., Costa C., Pais P., Teixeira M.C. (2016), Acquisition of resistance to azole antifungal drugs in Candida species: imidazoles versus triazoles, In: Advances in Medicine and Biology (Leon V. Berhardt, Ed.), Nova Science Publishers, Inc., NY, USA, vol.8, chapter 9.

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